The Armstrong & Miller Show (2007)

  • 主演: Alexander Armstrong Ben Miller
  • 类型: 喜剧
  • 制片国家/地区: 英国
  • 语言: 英语
  • 上映日期: 2007-10-26
  • 集数: 7
  • imdb网址: tt1130073
  • The Armstrong & Miller Show剧情简介
      This British sketch comedy television show reunites the comedy duo Armstrong and Miller, who had not appeared together on screen since 2001, and features League of Gentlemen's Jeremy Dyson as scriptwriter. It was first broadcast on 26 October 2007 in the network's primetime Friday night slot.

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    The Armstrong & Miller Show评论、影评、观后感
    okcomputer  2008-07-27
    老梆子  2015-12-02
    有点当年Monty Python的影子。
    lucifer  2011-04-10