Bernice Bobs Her Hair

Bernice Bobs Her Hair剧情简介
  Bernice, a shy young woman, leaves her safe home to go visit her flapper cousin. When her cousin tries to teach Bernice how to be much more modern, Bernice gives her much more than she bargained for.
  It's the hot summer of 1919. Visiting her cousin Marjorie (Veronica Cartwright), sweet-but-dull Bernice (Shelley Duvall) is transformed into a smooth-talking man-trap by her vampish kin. However, the "make-over" works too well. Bernice becomes the belle of the ball, captivating every boy's interest...even Marjorie's boyfriend Warren (Bud Cort "Harold and Maude").
  The now worldly Bernice has the last laugh...a clever and ironic twist. One of the best screen translations of F. Scott Fitzgerald's literary work, "Bernice Bobs Her Hair" also includes the delightful supporting role performances of Dennis Christopher ("Breaking Away") and Polly Holliday ("Alice")

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